Technical Translation

The range of technical texts comprises several different text types. Translating these text types does not only require that the translator possesses extensive language skills, he or she must also have a good linguistic instinct. Technical translating requires specialized technical knowledge in order to understand complex and complicated technical contexts so that the text can be transferred into the target language in an appropriate way.

Translation of Technical Texts involves:

  • Manuals
  • Instructions for use
  • Operator's manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Component lists
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical books
  • Technical articles
  • etc.

Electro Technology

Electro technology compasses technical areas preferably concerning electricity and its application. Electrical engineering, energy technology, drive technology, electronics and automation technology are examples of the technical fields concerned. I have extensive knowledge of electro technology and the complex interaction between electrical engineering and other technical areas.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering does include subjects like material characteristics, science of flow, thermo dynamics, mechanics, flow and fluid mechanics, meter and regulation and other sub areas. A good translation requires extensive and solid knowledge of this comprehensive area, skills that I possess.


If you send me a text for a review via e-mail, fax or mail I will provide a non-binding quotation. Information about delivery date, type of delivery (mail, e-mail, online), type of document, any already existing translations or existing terminology lists or glossaries or Translation Memories, usage of company specific terminology, as well as other complementary information guarantee a quick and detailed process of every inquiry.


A Personal Comment on Technical Translation:

Translating technical texts require linguistic instinct and knowledge about terminology and conventions used in the respective languages.

The quality of technical translations can be considerately improved by applying a target orientated and consistent terminology work. A long term cooperation between a client and a translator combined with consistent usage of the terminology desired by the client guarantees a high quality and a consistent improvement of existing terminology and the translation quality.

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