Working Fields and Technical Translation

In addition to Translations of General Texts within different areas, I am specialised in the translation of technical and legal texts as well as patent translation.

Technical Translation

Translating technical texts requires extensive and solid knowledge of technical processes. I primarily translate different text types involving electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Technical Translation

Legal Translation

In legal translations it is paramount to understand the linguistic phrases and structures that are used in order to accurately convey the underlying proposition in abstract legal arguments. Legal Translation

Patent Translation

Translating patent documents requires extensive technical understanding. Because of their dual function as technical description and legal document patent documents comprise the difficulties of technical as well as of legal translating. Patent Translation

Intercultural Communication

International technical communication demands that the translator has a good linguistic instinct and an extensive technical knowledge to achieve the purpose of describing technical objects and processes. Without this knowledge, the translator is not able to understand a complex source text and transfer it into the target language in a comprehensible and functional manner.

Legal texts do not only require knowledge about the corresponding terms but it is also imperative for the quality of technical translations that the translator knows and understands in what situations and in which context the terms are used.

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