Language Courses
- For Companies and Individuals

As a course director at Volkshochschule Hildesheim and Kreisvolkshochschule Peine I possess several years of experience in conveying the Swedish language to persons with German as their mother tongue. Elements about Swedish culture and intercultural training are used to complement the linguistic parts. The courses are primarily offered in Peine (Germany) and surrounding areas.

Private Courses

Individually adapted intensive courses for successful learning: I offer language courses and private lessons for smaller groups and private persons. The courses are suited to meet the participants' personal interests and expectations in order to create a pace suitable for each individual. Private Courses

Business Courses

Customized course offers for businesses and organisations: These courses are primarily offered to staff members who want to learn the Swedish language or deepen his or her Swedish knowledge. The courses are adapted to the professional needs of the participants and can be realized as private lessons or in smaller groups. The language courses can if required be enriched with elements concerning Intercultural Training and Swedish culture Business Courses

Intercultural Communication

At business contacts between Swedish companies and English speaking business partner, or at private encounters, problems and conflicts can arise which are a consequence of social behaviour typical for the different countries. Prepare yourself for meeting Sweden and the Swedish mentality with an Intercultural Seminar

The Swedish Language

At first glance one may think that the cultural differences between Sweden and Great Britain or Germany are not that significant. By learning the Swedish Language not only the similarities but also the differences become evident.

The language is the best way to get to know and discover the Swedish culture. Understanding that the Swedish "du" is only to a certain degree similar to its German namesake - or with the English "you" for that matter - is only one of many Swedish secrets.

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