Translations are needed for many different reasons and purposes. I offer high quality translation services according to your special requirements and specifications. I support you with text design and cultural adaptation of the text to make it suitable for your readers.

Working Languages

I translate different text types from and into Swedish, English, German and Spanish:

  • English » Swedish (native language)
  • German » Swedish (native language)
  • Spanish » Swedish (native language)
  • Swedish (native language) » German
  • Swedish (native language) » English
  • German » English
  • English » German

Technical Areas

Normally, general texts can not be placed within a specific area or topic, like for example:

  • Press releases
  • Different kind of correspondence
  • Reports
  • Other texts

Dynamic Words always performs a text analysis of the source text to determine if the text needs to be culturally adapted in order to make the translation "work" and be read as an "original" text in the target language.

All complementary information provided by the client contributes to a high quality translation. Such information can, for example, be documents or texts involving the subject or the technical area in the source as well as the target language, existing translations, glossaries, terminology, product descriptions or existing Translation Memories.


If you send me a text for review via e-mail, fax or mail I will provide you with a non-binding quotation. Information about delivery date, type of delivery, type, any already existing translations or existing terminology lists or glossaries or Translation Memories or usage of company specific terminology, as well as other complementary information guarantee a quick and detailed process of every inquiry.


A personal Comment on General Translation:

Translating written text does not only require excellent knowledge of the languages in question but also accuracy and care, patience and curiosity.

  • Accuracy and care - Read, understand and check every word, every comma and every number.
  • Patience - Carefully and consistent secure high quality, even when translating very long texts.
  • Curiosity - Know and learn more from each text

The quality of the translation is very much depending on the time at disposal and the overall work load. Thus, enough time is one of the absolute crucial factors for achieving a high quality translation.

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